Tectonics, Energy, Equity, Education

A headshot of Ruth, outdoors in a garden

Ruth Aronoff, PhD

I am a geologist, associate professor, and environmental advocate. I also support the formation of safe and welcoming spaces in earth sciences.

About Ruth

I am a tenured Associate Professor in Earth, Environmental, and Sustainability Sciences (EESS) at Furman University.

I am a geologist who studies how continents form and how tectonic plates operate. I integrate field studies with a variety of analytical techniques. I’m interested in planetary evolution, energy resources, climate change solutions, and creating safe and welcoming spaces for scientists and students.  

I earned a BA in Geosciences and Anthropology from Williams College and a PhD in Geology from Purdue University. As a graduate student, I also attended Cornell University and was a visiting student at Washington State University and Princeton University. During my graduate training, I completed internships with three major energy companies in Houston. I joined Furman University’s faculty in 2016.

I’ve received funding for research and teaching projects from Furman University, the National Science Foundation, and the Geological Society of America. I collaborate with academics at all career stages, including undergraduates at Furman, graduate students at other institutions, and researchers and faculty members nationally and internationally.

I grew up on Long Island, New York, and I currently live in Greenville, South Carolina. My husband, Greg, is an attorney and freshwater conservationist. You can catch me in weekly improv shows at Alchemy Comedy Theater. I’m also a violist and outdoor enthusiast.