Highlights of recent work

Reconciling garnet Lu-Hf and Sm-Nd, and monazite U-Pb ages for a prolonged metamorphic event, northern New Mexico (2022)

Authors: Bollen, E.M., Stowell, H.H., Aronoff, R.F., Stotter, S.V., Daniel, C.G., McFarlane, C.R.M., and Vervoort, J.D.

Plain language summary: We use multiple geochronology tools to investigate the timing of Mesoproterozoic tectonic events in North America.


Laurentia in transition during the Mesoproterozoic: observations and speculation on the ca. 1500-1340 Ma tectonic evolution of the south Laurentian margin (2022)

Authors: Daniel, C.G., Aronoff, R.F., Indares, A., and Jones, J.V. III

Plain language summary: We provide an overview of what we understand about North America in the Mesoproterozoic and what questions will be fruitful for future research.

In Press

Effects of melt loss and melt retention on differentiation of anatectic pelites: A case study of the Wet Mountains, Colorado (2019)

Authors: Hernandez-Montenegro, J.D., Andronicos, C.L., Zuluaga, C., and Aronoff, R.F.

Plain language summary: Rock samples collected from the same outcrop display different metamorphic histories.


Redefining the metamorphic history of the oldest rocks in the southern Rocky Mountains (2016)

Authors: Aronoff, R.F., Andronicos, C.L., Vervoort, J.D., and Hunter, R.A

Plain language summary: Much of the metamorphism and deformation in northern New Mexico occurred in the Mesoproterozoic. Some of this tectonic activity was previously classified to the Paleoproterozoic, an older geologic era.


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