Current Projects

The tectonic evolution of North America in the Proterozoic

Goal: to use the formation of North America as a case study in how the planet forms, modifies, and stabilizes continental crust. Our group focuses on the arrangement of tectonic plate boundaries in the Mesoproterozoic Era.

Highlight: join our field trip to central and southern Colorado during the 2022 GSA annual meeting in October!

What’s next? I’m seeking collaborators for future projects about convergent margin tectonics. I’m excited to continue to discover how convergent margins create and modify continental lithosphere, including in the Proterozoic, Phanerozoic, and in active systems.

Energy production and consumption in a low-carbon future

Goal: What will our global energy system look like when we better align the resources we consume, energy distribution infrastructure, and our diverse energy needs? Our current energy system is poorly balanced, but by mitigating threats from climate change, we also have the opportunity to create more sustainable energy systems.

Highlight: In my sustainable energy class, Furman students create plans for Greenville County’s energy production and consumption, looking decades in the future. Students meet with local businesses, energy providers, and city offices to learn more about our regional systems and stakeholders.

What’s next? Student communication projects allow them to share ideas directly with community members. Are you a Furman student or a Greenville business interested in sustainable energy? I’m always looking for new projects!

Diversity, equity, and inclusion in earth sciences

Goal: Earth sciences remain among the least diverse science disciplines. This hurts our students and professionals and it limits our ability to provide society with new scientific knowledge. I am committed to fostering growth and change in our profession. Everyone deserves the opportunity to cultivate their curiosity about the planet through healthy, supportive experiences.

Highlights: I mentor future scientists through Furman’s NSF-funded S-STEM program, which provides professional development programming for high-achieving science students from low-income families.

What’s next? I recently applied for funding for a new project that will focus on equity in earth and space sciences. Please keep your fingers crossed for our proposal!

Are you forming a team to address access, voice, leadership, or equity in earth science classrooms or professional settings? I’d love to use my experience and leadership skills to contribute to new projects and initiatives.

Portrait photos by Katelyn LeBlanc Photography. Other images via Unsplash.

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